Special Yom Kippur Update!

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Special Yom Kippur Update!

Posted on 07 October 2016

Did you know you are not supposed to wear leather shoes on Yom Kippur or during the Shiva mourning process? According to Shabad.org

"The comfort of wearing leather shoes is denied the mourner during shiva. As on Yom Kippur, when leather footwear may not be worn, the stockinged feet or the wearing of soft shoes during bereavement is symbolic of personal mortification and a disregard of vanity and comfort, in order better to concentrate on the deeper meaning of life."

The problem is that all the shoes at Sole & Stone are very comfortable. Fortunately, the article goes on to say "Shoes made of materials other than leather may be worn, and it is not necessary to walk in stockinged feet."

So do a mitzvah and get yourself some nice vegan dress shoes.

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