Small Business Offering Cruelty Free Choices that Fit Your Lifestyle

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Small Business Offering Cruelty Free Choices that Fit Your Lifestyle

Posted on 09 December 2016

Cruelty-Free choices don’t have to be a statement.

While many people believe fashion should make a visual statement, it doesn’t always have to. Consider traditional looking vegan dress shoes that offer comfort, quality and convenience at a competitive price. Without sacrificing those things that are important to you as consumers, you can show the world that cruelty free options can be part of everyday fashion while supporting the small businesses that try to make a difference.


Why is this important?

Small businesses, like Sole & Stone Vegan Footwear, contribute to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the communities they work in. 64% of new jobs are generated from small businesses and make up for 44% of the United States’ private pay roll, according to the U.S. Small Business Association.


Small and sustainable companies make an impact

Many companies that make sustainable products also practice sustainability in their efforts to make an impact in a community. This has evolved into a larger business model that has patented other well-crafted and sustainable products that have advanced health, education and economic opportunity for communities around the world. Giving small businesses the chance to flourish lets them push the envelope and give back to their communities in a profound way. While this system can have a huge impact, it’s often based on making small choices – like choosing to buy quality vegan shoes.


Sole & Stone Vegan Footwear 

Sole & Stone offers well-crafted shoes traditional looking dress shoes that are made from 100% vegan materials. Our shoes don’t seek to make a statement about your choices. Rather we want to offer shoe styles that fit into your lifestyle – from work to socializing – and that will last you a long time. Designs like our Chelsea Boots and the office-friendly Black Toe-Cap Oxfords reflect modern sensibilities that don’t compromise on style or sustainability. Need a new pair of shoes? Browse our latest collection to see our current selections!

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