From Vegan Shoes to Electric Cars - The Philosophy of Product Innovati

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From Vegan Shoes to Electric Cars - The Philosophy of Product Innovation

Posted on 15 November 2016

It’s no secret that the process of manufacturing, producing, distributing and consuming products can be friendlier to the environment. While that may take some time to change in the grander scheme of things, many companies are creating quality products that happen to also be vegan or environmentally friendly - and that will not break your bank. How awesome would it be to contribute to a gradual and powerful change in perception simply by purchasing products we love? 


The perfect example

Think about Tesla motors. Their mission as a company first and foremost was to prove that electric cars are just better than gasoline-powered cars. As they have continually succeeded to prove this, they have brought a new perspective to the table throughout the transition to sustainable modes of transportation – all while making their products affordable to consumers. They make amazing cars that also are environmentally friendly (and vegan!). This is product innovation at its finest.


Product innovation

Using the finest materials and engineering techniques, Tesla has proven that they are about creating good products first. Their motives are less about pushing a moral agenda and lifestyle and instead, their interests lie in the direction of product innovation.


Product innovation is the creation and subsequent introduction of a good or service new or not, that changes the design of established products. This means it could be an existing idea that uses new materials and components in the process of manufacturing. This can fall into radical innovation – making a whole new product, or incremental innovation – small changes that improve existing product ideas.


Our goal

With our line of quality vegan shoes, Sole & Stone chooses to use a similar model by creating a strong collection of products first. The finest materials and engineering go into our shoe designs to create nice looking, affordable shoes to wear at the office, enjoy drinks in the evening with friends or wear out for weekend walks with your dog. Comfort and style comes first and we strive to create products that you’ll love to wear – all the time.


Want to learn more about what we do? Feel free to get in touch with us with any further inquiries and browse our current collection!

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