3 Vegan Shoe Styles for Your Closet

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3 Vegan Shoe Styles for Your Closet

Posted on 05 January 2017


Being fashion-conscious isn’t on everyone’s agenda but everyone needs to own a comfortable pair of shoes. Most people either have a closet full of “okay” shoes they swap around to maximize wear and longevity. Others wear out a pair at least once a year -- which can get pretty expensive in the long run. If you’re thinking that’s pretty wasteful, you’re not wrong. So what’s the solution? Buy simple well-made shoes that are also cruelty-free and PETA approved vegan. When you do this, you’ll have a pair of shoes that you can wear in just about scenario, stays intact and is also animal friendly. Here are 3 key shoe styles to integrate into your closet.


Dress Sneakers

Take the design of a sneaker and the flare of a dress shoe and put them together and you have dress sneakers. The hybrid version, dress sneakers, is a sleek, modern and contemporary style that fits seamlessly into a work context but can be worn for just about anything else.


Our dress sneakers are offered in blue and black. This smart-casual shoe is constructed from highly quality vegan leather. It’s a water resistant design that features flexible soles and a comfortable breathable interior.



Loafers are a design of shoe that date back to as early as the mid-1920s. They generally consist of an accented slip-on shoe.


Sole & Stone has two sturdy pairs of loafers: our Black Penny Loafers and our Brown Tassel Loafers that are perfect for casual or formal wear. Our loafers are constructed with burnished Italian vegan leather, have hard wearing soles with strong grip areas and have a soft and breathable lining. If you’re looking for a long lasting shoe that will work with anything you wear, this is a great option.


Boat Shoes

Boat or deck shoes were initially designed for sailors. Their designs often include a siping pattern that repels water and gives the shoe a distinct look. These designs have stood the test of time and have made their way to casual and formal contexts.


Sole & Stone offers two eye-catching pairs of boat & deck shoes in Chestnut and Blue. You can rely on these shoes to provide comfort and traction for weekend errands or nights out with friends.


Browse our selection of men’s vegan shoes to find your go-to shoe style.

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